Fuck a Thai teenager in Bangkok

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Creampie Thai is definitely the undisputed Thai Porn site of all time. To begin with, the content is 100% original. When we say 100% original, it means that if you would like to see the best quality of the videos, you can only get it here and no where else. Another thing that makes Creampie Thai stands out amongst all the other Thai Porn site is that the producer can really get hot looking Thai girls to be featured in the videos. Fucking the Thai girl bareback and giving them a big load of cum in their tiny Asian pussy is really amazing. The latest Thai girl featured in the site is a Thai teenager who aspire to be fashion designer. Going to school daytime and occasionally looking for extra income in disco’s frequented by foreigners. See this Thai teenager that goes by the name of Koy getting fucked by a big white cock and creampied.

Horny Thai hooker getting creampied

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This Thai prostitute was scouted by me when I was doing my bar hops. With her petite body I thought she was really young. When I asked her how old is she, the answer was 25 years old. Her looks doesn’t appear to be in her middle 20’s. This is really one thing I like about Asian girls as they are age proof. Took her back to my room and she was so eager to please me. Dancing and teasing while stripping down her clothes, she just can’t wait to fill her mouth with my throbbing cock. I really had a great time fucking this Thai girl by the name of Daow and gave her a thick load of my cum in her pussy.

Pattaya hooker loves anal sex

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Back again with stories of Klauss the famous whorist in Thailand. This time he is in Pattaya hunting for more Thai pussy. He found a beer garden bar with a few Thai girls serving drinks. Sat down there and a mature Thai lady took his order. This mature Thai lady look very slutty and when she finally serve Klauss, she sat down next to him really close. She then started initiating some small talks that will lead to some green jokes. Few minutes past and she became very comfy and start touching Klauss. Is been a few days that Klauss did not let his load off and he decided not to be choosy about looks and plan to fuck this girl. He has a gut feeling that this chick might be good in bed due to her behaviour and age of course. So Klauss took her back to the hotel and asked her whether she mind taking her naked pictures. She did not even think twice and answered “SURE” in her Thai accent. When she was in shower, she stuck her own finger into her asshole. She told Klauss that she loves getting fuck in the ass because she loves the intensity while having anal sex. Klauss was a little shock even though he has been an experience hooker hunter in Thailand. He was just not expecting this mature Thai hooker would voluntarily seeking for anal sex. Klauss was fucking glad that he was not picky that day. Moral of the story is, sometimes good things can come out from mediorce things. A good example is SHIT, beautiful flowers come out from it. In the case of Klauss, he went to the source where shit comes out!!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SEX ADVENTURES OF KLAUSS.

Sweet Thai teen taking a soapy bath

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Finally got to post one of my favorite Thai teen girl. Lily Koh is a sweet Thai teenager who has a very slim body and not so big tits. Her looks are very innocent and this is her own personal paysite whereby she gets involved in it 100%. In this post she is seen taking a shower and putting soap all over her body. Damn I wish I am there to take a bath with her and put soap all over her. Is nice feeling when two slippery body rubbing on to each other. One time I had a girl who put soap all over my body and she starts to use her ass to massage my cock. The slippery feeling is damn nice and made my cock really hard. She was so skillful with her ass rubbing that she made it like as if my cock will glide into her Thai pussy. It never did went it but it really made me want to slide my cock in badly. After the shower we did not even bother to dry ourself up and started to fuck like crazy on the bed.

Lovely Thai teenager nude pictures

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88 Square Thai model Kwang Pachuwana making her debut in Thai Porn Hunters. I personally love this girl and hope you like it too. The Thai girls in 88 Squares are really hot and I believe they do have high standards when selecting the models to be featured in their site. Kwang is a good choice as she looks innocent and young. She does not look like a Thai bargirl but more of a young Thai school girl. I would love it even more if she were to wear the Thai university uniform. Have you seen the Thai university girl’s uniform? It consists of a white blouse and a black skirt, and they are really tight. I will try to get some pictures and post it here in the future. For now, enjoy the pictures of this lovely Thai teenager.

Horny Thai teen with tattoo

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Latest girl of Creampie Thai – Meet Kwan, a horny Thai teen who I bumped into in a tattoo parlor. She was being naughty when she was teasing me with her eyes. Obviously she doesn’t know that I’m the creampie king of Thailand. I did not totally ignore her but I was pretending not to respond to her playful eyes. This made her even more determine to really get my attention. After a while I just gave her a little forced smile and she was smiling back to me from ear to ear. At that cue, I knew she was really interested. I walked up to her and started talking about tattoo and she showed me her tats. I invited her to come back to my place so that she can show it to me privately. She was not shy at all and start stripping and let me see her ink. Frankly, I wasn’t that interested as I would love to give her my “thick white ink” in her tight Thai pussy.

Thai girl that loves white cock

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Yoopa is a Thai girl that has always loves American culture. She loves the music, the fashion and movies. Even though her country does not speak English as much, she still makes it a point to learn the language on her own. When she answered our advertisement looking for talents, she does not really has the intention to be in the Thai porn videos we going to make. She was just curious and only plan to meet up with some American guys. After seeing our handsome male performer, she couldn’t resist and was already dreaming of tasting that big white cock. While shooting the scenes, we can see Yoopa really enjoyed getting fucked by an American guy with a big cock. You can almost tell that Yoopa was so glad that she decided to act in our of our scenes.

Thai teen Jade learning golf

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I have to give more coverage on this Thai teen. The more I look at Jade, the more beautiful she looks. She looks really classy in her white golf outfit. I bet if she were to go to a prestige country club, all the so called up tight “gentleman” will try to take a peek at her. With her white short skirt and no panties, I am sure all those dirty old man will keep pretending to drop something on the floor. I wish to have a round of 18 hole of golf with Jade and I don’t even want to get a hole in one. I just wish she will be my 19th hole and I will just put my cock into her hole rather than the driver that she is using to stuff into her sweet Thai pussy.

Fucking a Bangkok hooker

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I was always skeptical about stories of Bangkok where you can get to fuck a girl for really cheap price. Sometimes is as cheap as a regular meal in a restaurant. Finally with some friends persuading  me to join along a trip to Thailand, I decided to give it a go. I am very glad that I made the trip because the food is marvelous and the culture difference was fanstastic. I’m not going to talk more about the food or the culture as this is not a food blog but is a site me paying tribute to all the beautiful Thai girls that have given joy to many men around the world over the years. This tiny Thai girls are really good at pleasing men. Getting blow jobs from them is really fantastic and man, they ride you like crazy. I think this is due to the fact that horses are not common in Asia and they make it up by riding men’s cocks. After my trip to Thailand, I am now a big fan of Thai girls ever since.

Two very pretty Thai lesbian

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I always imagine Thai girls only loves fucking with guys only. How silly of me to even have that thought. Lesbians are everywhere and with the society getting more open minded, Asian lesbians can actually come out from the closet. Club Thai Chix is a site which has a lot of quality Thai lesbians content. The girls are very pretty and the photography is excellent. The Thai lesbian that is featuring for the first time in Thai Porn Hunters are Nan and Mintra. This two gorgeous Thai lesbian is enjoying the photo shoot so much that they actually got horny and drip some cum juice while shooting this pictorial.

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