Nude Thai teen with braces

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Another hot find by the crew of Thai Girls Wild. This sexy Thai teen is seen wearing some braces. Some people really like to see girls wearing braces and getting naked. Apparently girls with braces can still give a blow job without hurting your cock. I tried it a few times and it feels just the same. Check out the video of this Thai teen sucking cock and getting fuck by a big white cock at the same time.


Super busty Thai teen name Gail

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This is a special treat for you Thai porn lovers. I am featuring this busty Thai teen from the new site Thai Girls Wild. Gail surely got one of the best natural boobs I’ve seen on a Thai teen. Her pretty face that goes along with her body is a huge bonus too. I am really happy to make the decision to join as member as they update their content 3 times a week. So for you guys who truly love Thai teens, join this site and you will never regret it. Click on the picture above to see some pictures of Gail getting fucked real good. Hard to come across a busty, pretty and Thai teen most of the time.


Sluttiest Thai hooker I’ve seen

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thai-hookerAsian Apple Seed Review

Damn this hooker is really slutty. Just look at her face, the word Thai hooker is like plastered on her forehead. No matter what clothes she tries to put on, she will still look like a hooker. She is right now in my book the sluttiest Thai hooker I’ve seen so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai hookers. In fact the sluttier the better. I do not in any way look down upon Thai hookers. In fact I think they should be recognize and celebrated like celebs or politicians. I wonder why people always looked up to dirty politicians and crazy ass celeb but always like to avoid their associations with hookers. Just imagine this, on your lonely days in Bangkok, who is the one who gave you the best time of your life. Yep, it is that Thai hooker that charges you less than $70 and allows you to do almost any damn thing to her. So don’t you think they deserved to be celebrated for the service they give? Like people always say, some people are born and destine to do something they are good at. This girl my man, is definitely born to give pleasure to men. For this, I salute you MISS SLUTTIEST THAI HOOKER!


Thai teen blowjob specials

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Just joined as a member in this new Thai site named Thai Girls Wild. I am not disappointed at all I must say. In fact I think is a fucking good decision that I made. The site has a lot of very hot Thai teenager doing a lot of sex acts such as blowjobs, playing with herself and getting fucked by big white cocks. The site consists of high quality videos and pictures. Click on the picture gallery that I made by using some member area pictures. You will surely see the girls do not look like bar girls like all the Thai porn sites around.


Emo style Thai teen – Hot New Site

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There are quite a handful of Thai porn sites on the Internet. Without actually seeing it all just yet, there is another cool Thai porn site has made it grand entrance and doom to join the ranks of all the top Thai porn sites. This is really fresh from the oven and never seen before contents. Name of the site is Thai Girls Wild is featuring more of Thai teens that don’t really look so much like bargirls. This really make this site stands out among the rest as maybe the Thai teens featured in the site is really amateur girls looking to earn some extra money. So if you really into teens, Thai girls and amateur girl, you will definitely want to join this hot new site. Click here to check out the tour.

I’m not done fucking Thai hookers

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thai-hookerAsian Apple Seed Review

I love fucking Thai girls literally. Some of my friends judge me by saying I am bad and only think about sex. What’s wrong with me loving sex so much and paying for it. I never judge my friend or call him crazy just because he spends all his money on power tools which he hardly use. He brags about how many power tools he owns that is sitting in his garage. I respect his hobbies and if he wants to become Bob the builder so be it. I hope he wish me well with my hobby and if I want to become Bob the fucker he should respect my wishes too. How can people say I am bad when I am helping the Thai economy. Look it as this way, if I barfine the Thai girl, she will be able to have extra money to go buy some nice blouse. Then the shop can pay the rent because she or he is selling more clothes. The mall in turn get all the rental from all this shops and can expand and give more jobs to people. On the other hand my friend Bob the builder, when he buy all the tools and gadget, he is trying to eliminate the job of the plumber, electrician and gardeners. Wouldn’t you say my hobby is much more noble than his? Oh well, I was exaggerating a bit on my friend eliminating jobs. He normally ends up paying more to the professionals when he fucked up all the repairs himself.

My New Year 2010 activities

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hardcore-thai-girlsAsian Apple Seed Review

Another New Year has begun and bye bye to 2009. I am not really a big fan of  New Year and always could not understand what is all the hyped about. People waste tons of money on fire crackers and welcome the New Year and make resolutions. I bet 99% of the people can’t even keep the resolutions. On the other hand, the 1% of the people who succeeds are the people who does not wait for New Year to make a change. They will change whenever they think is time to change. Take this dude in the post for example. It is New Year and he is still doing the same thing he does best. Fucking a Thai bargirl and explode thick cum juice on her face like a big firecracker. You don’t get to see sparks but you do get to see something even better, sperms flying all over and lands on the face of this horny Thai girl. So if you have money, you can make your own New Year everyday and fire up your own fire cracker anytime.

How deep is your throat

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thai-blowjobAsian Apple Seed Review

Does the title reminds you of a popular song from the 70’s? Hahaha….well this post is not about the song. I am sure you can figure that out yourself when you look at the picture that comes with this post. Look at how this BG (not the singers but stands for Bar Girl ) gives a really good Thai blowjob. Seems like she can even swallow the damn balls as well. Her throat is also bottomless and I wish my pocket is same as her throat as well. Asian Apple Seed is a hardcore Thai porn site specializing in violating this Asian bar girls. I bet most of the talent are bar girls and maybe some of you who had a vacation here might recognize some girls on this site. Don’t feel bad if one of the girls that you had declared your love for her is one of the talent here. You never lose your girlfriend in Thailand, YOU JUST LOSE YOUR TURN.

Hardcore Thai porn videos

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My fellow Thai porn lovers, since it is X’mas season and I would like to share some hardcore Thai porn videos with all of you guys. I manage to make only 9 videos so far but I promise to add a few videos every day. Hope you will leave some comments on what kind of videos you will like to see. Hope you enjoy the videos that I’ve made. Click here for the hardcore Thai porn videos.

What a nice sight of Thai ass

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What a nice looking Thai ass that belongs to a lovely teenager. Her name is Nid and she is from some small province in Thailand. She went to Bangkok to work as a go go girl and I happen to be the lucky guy who bar fine her when she started work. She is still pretty innocent and naive and I ask to shoot her and she has no objection. Gave her a massive load of my thick white cum juice. It was so lovely to see it oozing out from her tiny Thai pussy. See more of Nid the lovely Thai teen.

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