Hot Thai teen name Far loves blowjob

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I just can’t stop promoting Thailand to all my friends when I go back home. I am not sure if my friends are sick with my promotions. I think I should be given a PR from the Thai government for my good words for the Land of Smiles. I just can’t stop talking about it. The food, the malls and especially the girls. They are just so super friendly. You can be a middle age dude but your chances with Thai teens are as good as any teenage boys. See if this statement applies in the West. If you gather your courage and balls up and try Thailand, I’m pretty sure you won’t even bother to look at 30 something women of the West. Just a fucking waste of time. Check out this Thai teen name Far. Her name might be Far but getting to her burger clamp is not far at all. I sincerely think Thai girls just dig white dudes. Check out Far sucking on a big white cock by clicking on the picture above.


Number One real Thai hooker

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Went to the new bar in Bangkok and I was swarmed by Thai bargirls by the dozen. One girl was particularly confident and claimed that she is the real deal. She has a nick name there as the number one Thai hooker. I was pretty impressed with this real Thai whore and have something special in store for her. Brought her back to the hotel and I started to humiliate her. Since she is so proud to be the number one Thai hooker, I took her lipstick and start to paint her chest with the number 1. She was shock with my actions. I did not stop there and continue to paint her nipples with her red lipsticks.

She was still in shocked but I proceed to talk dirty to her and calling her a dirty slut. I get a kick out of humiliating all these Thai hookers after whoring in Thailand for quite sometime now. Normal fucking doesn’t cut it for me. I need something different. I guess you can call it kind of a perversion, but is all in the name of having a good sex play. She began to understand me and get into the groove. As I talk dirty to her, I can see she is getting really horny and wants to prove to me why she is the number one Thai hooker in Thailand. She indeed deserve the title as she began to suck my cock with all her heart. Glad to see someone taking her work with so much pride. I began to fuck her and the way she respond to my pounding is amazing. I have no problem giving her the title “Number One Whore” for that day.


Lena the certified Thai blowjob expert

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Ever gotten a blowjob from a Thai girl? I can tell you is a pretty good experience. Most Thai girls have been sucking tiny cocks all their lives. Suddenly when presented with a big white cock, it looks more appetizing to them. So they will blow your mind away by sucking your cock like a brand new vacuum cleaner. Seen here is a Thai bargirl enjoying that piece of white meat pole. See how she can stuff that cock into her tiny mouth.


Busty Thai gogo bargirl Ann

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I have come across this site a few times but never had the time to actually blog about it. Is a site created by a guy who is a big fan of the Asian gogo bar scenes. Most of the models are mainly from Thailand and the Philippines.  I decided to write about this site when I saw this model name Ann from Thailand. When I get the time, I will study more of this site that features the gogo bargirls of Thailand and Philippines. For now here is the picture of this busty gogo bargirl name Ann.


Thai teen who loves soccer and cock

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This 18 years old Thai teen is a fan of soccer. She just can’t wait for the FIFA World Cup 2010 that will be held in South Africa June this year. When I ask her about the rules of the game, she does not seem to know much about the rules. I asked her why is she so excited about world cup then, she answered that she will get to see all the hot Italian, Portugal and Brazilian players at the same time. I bet she must love seeing all these hunk getting sweaty while chasing the ball all over the field. Since June is still a few more months to go, I asked her why don’t we have our own soccer game for now. Her sweet Thai pussy could be the goal post and I will try to shoot my thick white cum into it. I bet you can guess who won the game.


Dirty Thai hooker with pointy nipples

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Asian Apple Seed Review

Asian Apple Seed is still keeping the tradition of getting really dirty and nasty Thai hookers. The site always pay attention to the costumes that the girls will wear. One of the signature is the high heels that only dirty Thai hookers will ever wanna wear them. I noticed also they like the models to use leather or pvc belts as well. I personally love the chain that they used it on the girls and really treating them like a worthless piece of meat. All they are good for is just to satisfy the men and obey all the demands put upon them. This post features a Thai hooker that has the word slut written all over her. No extreme make over can disguise this girl into being a normal girl. Two holes are cut on her t shirt to allow the pointy nipples to extrude from the t shirt. See how she is enjoying every cock stroke she is getting and biting her lips in ecstasy.


Skinny yet busty Thai teen Janee

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Janee is really a hot Thai teen girl blessed with really beautiful looking face. She has a slim body but packs a nice pair of Thai juggs. Janee was thrilled when she was offered to do a porn scene and get to fuck a white dude with a big cock. She has always been rebellious as a girl. When she just finished her high school, she decided to get herself a mean tattoo at the back of her body. She does not regret the decision as she has always dreamed of getting cool inks on her body. Check out this cheeky Thai girl and see how good she is at sucking cock and riding a big white cock.


Cute Thai bargirl loves hardcore sex

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Asian Apple Seed Review

Asian Apple Seed has yet bring us another cute horny Thai bargirl. This teenie Thai bargirl seems to be enjoying her first Thai hardcore video shoot. She was really enjoying the process and does not look like she is being forced to make the scene. You gotta see the video to understand what I am talking about. I think the crew of Asian Apple Seed really bring the best out of all this Thai bargirls when it comes to having sex.


Can’t get enough of this busty Thai teen

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I just can’t get enough of this sexy and super busty Thai teen name Gail. I just want to share it with you guys some video clips that I made. You guys are really missing a lot if you haven’t joined Thai Girls Wild. The videos are shot in HD and is super clear. It is so clear that even a clean shaven girl you can still see some pubic hair that has been missed by the blade. That’s how clear the HD videos are.


Petite Thai teen name Eaw

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I gotta tell you man, Thailand is definitely one of the best country in the world. At least to someone like me, who is a food enthusiast and also a ladies man. You don’t need to be a rich bloke like Bill Gates in order to enjoy fine cuisine and get the company of pretty girls if you are in Thailand. Thai food is so damn delicious and sometimes it is a sin to pay the dirt cheap price to the vendors. It can also be applied to the girls that you are paying for their company. I feel guilty paying for the asking price but who am I to protest when I am not that well off myself. Take a look at this petite Thai teenager name Eaw. She is so beautiful and available to be your girlfriend for the day at such a minimal fee that I am even embarrassed to mention. All I can say is most of us guys can afford to have Eaw for the day and her showing us to some really nice papaya salad joint will not make us broke for sure.


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