Thai gogo girl ready to be pounded

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This Thai bar girl who works in a gogo club is one of the best Thai fuck I ever had. She is not so much of a looker but I can bet you she is indeed a good fuck. Judging from her character while I was in the bar made me wanna get her back to my room. She was really game and very playful. She loves making sexy poses and becomes super horny when I started filming her sucking my dick. The more she sucks me the harder my cock became. Feels so good fucking a really wet Thai pussy.


Adorable Thai teen with super big boobs

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If you remembered a while back, I made a post declaring that Creampie Thai is definitely the ultimate Thai Porn site in the Internet. The site has produced countless gorgeous Thai girls over the years. I am sure you remember Janine, who can forget this Thai Babe. Recently another Thai teen by the name of Janee also made waves with her pretty face and big boobs. I am sure every Thai girls lovers will probably think how can we find another pretty girl to top those two Thai hotties. Well, check out Pui, you be the judge if she is really fit to be inducted into the gorgeous Thai Babes Hall of Fame. With such a cute face and 100% natural big boobs, I am sure she will be the new favorite of Thai darlings to rule the Internet. Creampie Thai has done it again to deliver a hot Thai girl for your wanking pleasure. If you have any join the site or has stop the membership, do yourself a favor and join the site. You will regret for sure if you die without fapping to her video.


More of busty Thai bargirl Ann

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I wonder if you guys really dig this busty Thai bargirl Ann. Well I hope you do as I really fancy her a lot. I’ve been fucking Thai bar girls for many years and nowadays, if I just fuck them and don’t record it, I don’t get as excited as I used to be. I love filming myself fucking all this Thai cuties and encouraging the girls to look like a nymphomaniac too. As I am typing this, I get a boner myself reminiscing my session with Ann. I love girls wearing really short skirt and the color red. So I ask this busty Thai bargirl if she has red mini dress in her wardrobe collections. Obviously she will have as she is a bar girl. I love taking pictures of the girls with me being nude myself. The girls love seeing my cock getting hard as they try to make the best pose possible to make my cock hard. When they do that, I try to capture the best shot possible. The results always comes out really good when I’m am shooting the girls without me wearing anything.


Real Thai hooker Puma creampied

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Meet Puma, the real Thai hooker that gives you the best fuck ever. She is so accommodating that she allows you to do anything you desire. I not much of an anal sex dude, but I bet she won’t mind taking it in her tiny butt hole. I am more of a creampie guy, where I love to fuck bare back and leave my hot steamy sperm into these cheap Thai whores. I not not worried about disease as I am a thrill seeker. I love making Thai porn and fuck without condom. Some people like bungee jumping, some people like to drive real fast and some people even love jumping out of the plane. I guess all those stuff I just mentioned have risk in it, but I think mine is way more fun.


Very pretty Thai cam girl

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more hot cam girls here

I been posting a lot of Thai bar girls pictures and I thought today maybe I might post something different. Found a really hot Thai girl who is working as a cam girl. I think she is super hot. Anybody who is looking for a pretty and cultured Thai girlfriend, I think you should give this pretty Thai cam girl a visit. She is actually in a contest where you are supposed to vote for a winner among cam girls all around the world.  So if you want to support this Thai cam girl, give the site a visit.


Dirty Thai gogo bargirl Lea

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What a dirty Thai gogo bar girl that I took back to the hotel. Dirty in a good way, more of a kinky little horny Thai slut. Everything is just thumbs up with this girl. Fuck without condom and  let her suck my cock with all her wet cum juice on it. She just simply adore white man’s cock as she likes it BIG. She has been working as a Thai prostitute for a long time now, but Lea is still not sick of fucking customers for money. If you can fuck me good, I give you free Thai pussy if me horny…..I just love this words coming out from her mouth.


Thai teen Lan is a free lancer

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If you guys ever wanna go to Bangkok for a bonking trip, do remember to check out this disco by the name of Scratch Dog. It is an after hour disco that closes at 4am daily. It is situated at Windsor Hotel basement. I know most people prefer Spicey Disco but for me I like Scratch Dog more. Not all the girls are free lancers but if you hang out a lot in Bangkok, you can separate between the non working girls and the freelancers. So I was there and met this Thai teen who is making eye contact with me. As I sipped my Coke, I return eye contacts with her. She walk over to me and said hello. I was sober that day so I was kinda polite and talked more before settling for a price. Took this Thai teen back to my hotel and suggested to her that I want to filmed her and give her a creampie as well. This Thai teen freelancer by the name of Lan was 100% game. So good to be fucking a teen girl where all their parts are still brand new. The ass is tight and the boobs are still having those good bouncy feeling. As usual, operation CREAMPIE THAI is always a success.


Real Thai hooker fucked by Klauss

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My friend Klauss is probably close to 60 years old. Age does not really matter when comes to scoring young girls when you are in Thailand. Of course your chances are better when you pay for real Thai hookers. Normal girls are over rated anyways. You would think that scoring a normal is way cooler because you do not have to pay for it. Let me tell you one thing my friend, there are no free pussies in the world. You might not pay with money but some how you pay in other methods. Buying dinners, flowers, emotions and time is what you gonna be spending. The worst case scenario is when you pay with your independence. You might be getting free pussy every night, but you lose your freedom so go fuck around openly. So the next time if you going to laugh about people paying for Thai hookers, think twice. I think they are way happier when it comes to not getting free pussy. Most guys just want to solve the libido at that very moment. Once solved, he is ready to move on look for another piece of Thai pussy. So check this Thai hooker by the name of Yard out. Pretty and delicious at the same time, at least for a guy who is near 60. See how she is being fucked and willing to be film as well. Oh how I love Thai pussy.


King of hardcore Thai porn

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I’m back again with yet another dirty Thai whore. I think I have a new goal now. To be the KING of Hardcore Thai Porn. The more I fuck all these dirty Thai whore, the more I am connecting with my sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I adore and respect all these dirty Thai whores that I have been humiliating and fucked. Is only during our sex play that I love the act of humiliation. It just makes me super horny and my dong becomes as hard as a rock. Check out this dirty Thai whore where I put a chain on her neck and walk her on all fours like a dog to the toilet. I kept asking her to tell me how dirty she is and how she enjoys to be call a slut. Once in the toilet I command her to start sucking my cock. After a good suck, I start to insert my rock hard cock into her pussy. I then asked her to beg me to take out my cock and put into her mouth because she is a dirty Thai whore and wants to taste her own cum juice on my cock. She beg a few times and I finally gave her my cock to suck on. After the toilet we went to fuck in the bed. I fucked her so hard that she got a sore pussy afterward. She thank me for making her pussy sore and giving her pleasure at the same time. Welcome to Thailand my friends.


This gotta be the hottest Thai teen creampied

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I just love this video scene so fucking much. This gotta be one of the hottest Thai teen doing hardcore Thai porn video. Everything is just so perfect and colorful. This Thai teen is super hot, the costume of bright yellow looks so good on her, her fiery red boots, fishnet stockings and her sexy yellow panties as well. Her body is really slim and yet she has a pair of super big Thai juggs. Hard to believe such a lovely Thai teen doing hardcore scene where she is being fucked bareback and creampied at the same time. You gotta be nuts if you don’t want to see her video where thick white cum is oozing out of her sweet shaven Thai pussy.


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