Nude Thai girl Aime Copony

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This nude Thai model looks pretty classy. I bet she is one of the coyote dancers in some clubs in Bangkok. Normally the girls in these coyote clubs looks pretty hot and will dance nude in some special parties. See this Thai girl using her bright blue dildo to masturbate and see how all her love juice flows like waterfall. Wish I am there to lick her tasty Thai pussy rather than she pleasuring herself with some toys. I bet she will prefer my tongue compared to that toy. I paint really well with my tongue.


Doggy style sex with Thai hooker

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This Thai bargirl really got nice meaty ass. Is one of the best doggy style fuck I ever had in recent times. Her face is pretty classy and doesn’t look like a slutty cheap hooker. She loves looking at the camera while I was fucking her. She told me it really makes her really horny and her pussy will just flow with love juice knowing the fact that I am recording our sex action. Sonya is truly a horny Thai slut who knows how to earn money and have a good time at the same time.


Thai teen riding big white cock

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God damn it! This is a fucking nice position. I love it when a girl do a reverse cock riding position. I love it the most when the girl got really big ass and I can see her ass moving up and down. Just like this Thai teen with her very nicely shape ass riding the cock like she is a rodeo contestant. The best thing is when she gets really excited and cum juice flowing out of her pussy and makes the riding much smoother to my cock.


Raunchy Thai anal fuck scene

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I am not really a big fan of girls with tattoo but this girl that I just fucked happened to love getting big dicks in her tight Thai ass hole. I was also in the mood to put my cock into some really tight hole. So I ignored my preferences of getting girls that has no ink on her body and decided to bar fine this slutty Thai hooker. I asked her to put on some sexy see through black stockings and started pounding her real good. Not only that she can take cock in her tight butt hole like a true champ, she can gives a fucking good blow job too.


Thai teen hooker in Pattaya

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I need to congratulate my fellow whorist Klaus who just nabbed a Thai teen hooker in his playground Pattaya. Klaus is a season guy when it comes to hunting the good hookers. Actually when I used the word season, I was trying to be polite to inform you that he is old…lol. So for an old fart he can still score with a Thai teen in Pattaya. Long story short, anyone with $50 bucks in their pocket and regardless how old you are and how you looked like, you can get any hot Thai teens if you wish too. So join the site of Klaus to get some tips and guides if you are an ugly old fart that is miserable and desperately need to get some love from gorgeous Asian teens. Even if you look like like this dude….you will look like Brad Pitt to the Thai girls if you have $50.


My fetish for Thai Uni girls uniform

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I have always have this imagination of fucking those sexy Thai university girls. Their uniform is super sexy and most of the girls made their uniform to be really tight fitting. The combination of the white shirt and tight  short black skirts always gives me a hard on. I decided to get a hooker and asked her to wear something similar to a Thai university girl for role play. I don’t wanna risk fucking a real Thai university girl as they might be underage too. At the end of the day, a Thai pussy is a Thai pussy. I don’t have to prove and satisfy my male ego by fucking a Thai university girl. For now I am happy to be bonking a Thai whore that dressed like a university girl.


Thai hooker thirsty for cum

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This short haired Thai hooker really enjoys getting violated and having rough sex. She loves men to take charge and take charge is exactly what I am good at. I give her a great fuck and told her I want to cum inside her warm Thai pussy. She said no as she said she is hungry for some hot cum. I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth she kept insisting. I blew a load in her mouth but she did not swallow it all and she just let the cum dripped out from her mouth and flow onto her chest. You should fucking see the video man…is fucking great!


Creampied in traditional Thai costume

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Another great episode from Creampie Thai featuring Nana in her Thai traditional costume. I guess many of us have this fetish about fucking a Thai girl in their national costumes. Nana was stripping her costume slowly and posing sexily in front of the camera. When the photographer’s becomes hard, he wasted no time in fucking this Thai teen without any condom. He blew a big load of cum in her tiny shaven Thai pussy and gave his best Creampie Thai scene ever.


Thai teen with really nice ass

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Ever wonder why guys always tell you that Thailand is the best. I think this picture kinda represents it. Just look at the shape of this Thai teen girls ass. Nicely shape and ready to be pounded as many times as you wish. This Thai teen goes by the name of Bebe and she is just simply amazing when it comes to sex. She is very accommodating and would just do as I say. I wanted to shoot her in sexy fishnet stocking and she gladly obliged. I licked her tiny Thai butt hole before I proceed to have the best doggy style fuck I ever had.


Another good Thai fuck I had

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When you have been fucking for many years, you can kind of smell and scent what girl would be a nice fuck. I’ve gone past the need to fuck the prettiest girl in a bar. All I want is a girl who is responsive and let me do all the hardcore shit I want to do to her. And I expect her to enjoy it as well. So this Thai bargirl that I found is exactly what I needed. She is indeed a good pleaser and I would say this girl can go into my good Thai fuck list.


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