Thai Teen girl Mai getting creampied

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This Thai teen girl goes by the name of Mai and getting fucked by a white man is her thing. Picked this horny Thai girl in a mall and she just adored white men. She lets me play with her like an Oriental Barbie doll and I just love to see her pussy lips get swollen like it was stung by a bee. Once she saw my big white dick her pussy lips starts to get swollen and wet. Putting my cock into her wet Thai pussy feels so good, it is so wet and the love juice is flowing like Mekong river after a heavy down fall. Mai is definitely one of those girls that is good looking and a good fuck at the same time.


Thai chix Jun ready to ride the big cock

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Club Thaichix Review

Thai girl name Jun from Club Thaichix is getting ready for a wild ride on a big dick. Jun is your amateur Thai girl that we scouted shopping in the mall with some friends and we thought she would appeal to all Thai girls lovers. We asked her if she wants to do a porno shoot and she agreed instantly. I just love Thailand so much where getting a chick to fuck you and film it at the same time is as easy as buying chewing gum in 7-11. Check out this horny Thai amateur riding cock and sucking on a big dick.


Cute Thai teen girl Air of Creampie Thais

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Creampie Thais Review

I think this Thai teen looks pretty cute. She is trying to pose like Japanese girls with that cute V sign or peace sign. I have no idea why the Japanese girls love doing that but seems like all the Asian girls love to pose like that. Go around Facebook and you will know what I mean. Air is a cute Thai teen that fucks like a veteran. See how she sucks and get fucked bareback by a horny white guy. She loved it so much when warm thick cum was unleashed in her very wet Thai teen pussy.


Hot Pattaya Thai hooker name Goy

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Asian Camgirls

Had another Thai hottie in Pattaya. She looks really pretty and sexy with her black bra and underwear. I asked her if she happen to have some sexy black fish net stocking to go with her sexy black panties. She gladly put them on and it really got me into the mood. Goy is really playful and I really had a good time. Man, I really love Pattaya. So many girls and so little time. Anybody who visits Pattaya in their life time and if so happen we die one day, we sure die as a happy man.


Fucking a Thai hooker with her mistress

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Asian Live Sex Cams

I love fucking this bi sexual Thai girl who is a mistress at heart. She got a good friend who looks up to her a lot. I didn’t know that both of them have the intention of having sex with one another. So when I ask her over to have sex, she insisted on bringing her friend. When we started having sex, the true mistress in her came out and she started to humiliate her friend together with me. It was definitely one of my top 10 fuck of 2010. As you can see by now, I do fuck a lot. So it does not come as a surprise if this is my top 10 fucks of 20101.


Two super hot and sexy Thai lesbians

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Club Thaichix Review

If you ask me what can be better than the famous Thai soup Tom Yum goong, I will simply ask you to look at the picture above. These two hot Thai girls is surely, definitely and hundred percently better than Tom Yum goong. These two naked Thai hotties surely can match the spiciness of the legendary Thai dish. Just staring at that two lovely Thai asses jutting out and inviting me to go lick and bite it. If you still do not like Asian girls after looking at this picture, I think something is definitely wrong with you.


Busty Thai model Natt Chapana

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Asian Webcam Sex

I dunno why I never posted a picture about Natt Chapana. I love this hot Thai model but I guess she is too popular and everybody kinda knows who she is. Well since this is an awesome Thai porn blog, I think it is compulsory to include this hottie Thai model or else my Thai porn blog would be missing something. Seldom you will see a fair skin Thai girl with such a lovely 100% natural Thai boobs. I think this is the main reason why all Thai girls lovers fell in love with Natt Chapana.


Mature Thai bargirl gives good blowjob

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Horny Asian Cam Girls

This mature Thai bargirl is good at sucking dick for sure. You can never trade experience with any other things. She must be sucking cock for a long time now and she knows how to do it perfectly good. I almost came when she blow me like a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes fucking an older Thai girl is better than the young ones. They have the experience and really know how to please guys. Lek surely gets my seal of approval for one of the best Thai fuck around.


Thai MILF Nid gives good service

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Asian Webcam Sex

Nid is a 27 years old MILF from a province in Thailand. Because of poverty, she got no choice but to go work in bigger cities like Pattaya. Where horny old man like me go get cheap sex with younger Thai girls. Well, I not gonna bored you with the typical stories of poor Thai girls having to work as real hookers. Is not that bad like how the Western world sees it. Nid is not forced to work as a hooker and it is her own choice. If she is not fucking men for money, I am sure she still need sex occasionally with some other Thai bloke for free. Why not fuck for money with a guy like me who treats women really well. Often people would judge me that I am bad coz I paid for sex. I am and old man and divorcee and I have my urge. What’s wrong with me helping girls like Nid earning some income and in the same time satisfied my sexual needs. I think is a win win situation for both parties. I want to drink milk but I don’t wanna take care of a cow…this is the main reason why I look for Thai girls like Nid.


Bushy Thai teen girl Jeap is hot

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Horny Asian Camgirls

There’s nothing much to do for me in Thailand besides eating good food and getting drunk. I am not really the touristic type who enjoys visiting run down building or going to temples. I don’t think I would be very much welcome to go holy places like that as most of the time when I am not eating and getting drunk, I just fuck Thai teen girls. And most of the time the Thai teen girls are super hot. Take Jeab for example, this Thai teen is really classy looking even though she got some menacing looking tattoos. I was a little bit disappointed  when I see she got more hair below than my temple. But with such a beautiful face like that, I think is a sin not to put my hard cock into her sweet but hairy Thai pussy.


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