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Thai gogo girl ready to be pounded

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This Thai bar girl who works in a gogo club is one of the best Thai fuck I ever had. She is not so much of a looker but I can bet you she is indeed a good fuck. Judging from her character while I was in the bar made me wanna get her back to my room. She was really game and very playful. She loves making sexy poses and becomes super horny when I started filming her sucking my dick. The more she sucks me the harder my cock became. Feels so good fucking a really wet Thai pussy.


More of busty Thai bargirl Ann

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I wonder if you guys really dig this busty Thai bargirl Ann. Well I hope you do as I really fancy her a lot. I’ve been fucking Thai bar girls for many years and nowadays, if I just fuck them and don’t record it, I don’t get as excited as I used to be. I love filming myself fucking all this Thai cuties and encouraging the girls to look like a nymphomaniac too. As I am typing this, I get a boner myself reminiscing my session with Ann. I love girls wearing really short skirt and the color red. So I ask this busty Thai bargirl if she has red mini dress in her wardrobe collections. Obviously she will have as she is a bar girl. I love taking pictures of the girls with me being nude myself. The girls love seeing my cock getting hard as they try to make the best pose possible to make my cock hard. When they do that, I try to capture the best shot possible. The results always comes out really good when I’m am shooting the girls without me wearing anything.


Dirty Thai gogo bargirl Lea

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What a dirty Thai gogo bar girl that I took back to the hotel. Dirty in a good way, more of a kinky little horny Thai slut. Everything is just thumbs up with this girl. Fuck without condom and  let her suck my cock with all her wet cum juice on it. She just simply adore white man’s cock as she likes it BIG. She has been working as a Thai prostitute for a long time now, but Lea is still not sick of fucking customers for money. If you can fuck me good, I give you free Thai pussy if me horny…..I just love this words coming out from her mouth.


King of hardcore Thai porn

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I’m back again with yet another dirty Thai whore. I think I have a new goal now. To be the KING of Hardcore Thai Porn. The more I fuck all these dirty Thai whore, the more I am connecting with my sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I adore and respect all these dirty Thai whores that I have been humiliating and fucked. Is only during our sex play that I love the act of humiliation. It just makes me super horny and my dong becomes as hard as a rock. Check out this dirty Thai whore where I put a chain on her neck and walk her on all fours like a dog to the toilet. I kept asking her to tell me how dirty she is and how she enjoys to be call a slut. Once in the toilet I command her to start sucking my cock. After a good suck, I start to insert my rock hard cock into her pussy. I then asked her to beg me to take out my cock and put into her mouth because she is a dirty Thai whore and wants to taste her own cum juice on my cock. She beg a few times and I finally gave her my cock to suck on. After the toilet we went to fuck in the bed. I fucked her so hard that she got a sore pussy afterward. She thank me for making her pussy sore and giving her pleasure at the same time. Welcome to Thailand my friends.


Number One real Thai hooker

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Went to the new bar in Bangkok and I was swarmed by Thai bargirls by the dozen. One girl was particularly confident and claimed that she is the real deal. She has a nick name there as the number one Thai hooker. I was pretty impressed with this real Thai whore and have something special in store for her. Brought her back to the hotel and I started to humiliate her. Since she is so proud to be the number one Thai hooker, I took her lipstick and start to paint her chest with the number 1. She was shock with my actions. I did not stop there and continue to paint her nipples with her red lipsticks.

She was still in shocked but I proceed to talk dirty to her and calling her a dirty slut. I get a kick out of humiliating all these Thai hookers after whoring in Thailand for quite sometime now. Normal fucking doesn’t cut it for me. I need something different. I guess you can call it kind of a perversion, but is all in the name of having a good sex play. She began to understand me and get into the groove. As I talk dirty to her, I can see she is getting really horny and wants to prove to me why she is the number one Thai hooker in Thailand. She indeed deserve the title as she began to suck my cock with all her heart. Glad to see someone taking her work with so much pride. I began to fuck her and the way she respond to my pounding is amazing. I have no problem giving her the title “Number One Whore” for that day.


Busty Thai gogo bargirl Ann

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I have come across this site a few times but never had the time to actually blog about it. Is a site created by a guy who is a big fan of the Asian gogo bar scenes. Most of the models are mainly from Thailand and the Philippines.  I decided to write about this site when I saw this model name Ann from Thailand. When I get the time, I will study more of this site that features the gogo bargirls of Thailand and Philippines. For now here is the picture of this busty gogo bargirl name Ann.


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