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Hardcore Thai sex action with little Peach

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hardcore-thai-sexAsian Apple Seed Review

This real Thai prostitute looks pretty attractive and menacing at the same time. Peach is new to Asian Apple Seed and she does a great job for a first timer. I guess shooting porn and fucking in real life has it similarities. Peach also has a great figure and she looks pretty sexy and hot in those funky costumes. One of the trademark of Asian Apple Seed is that they like to make those girls wear little girlie socks. I’m not sure whether you have noticed it but if you jerk off as much as I do to their brand of Thai sex porn, then I am sure you will noticed every little details. Oh and those perky Thai boobs that juts out from that lingerie with holes makes my cock super hard.


Thai hooker posing elegantly

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every-holes-agogoAsian Cam Girls

I like to look at this picture of Thai hooker May. Even though she knows she is making porn pictures but she still gives her best when making this Thai porn picture set. It shows professionalism and she deserve to be applauded. My guess is she has accepted the money to bare her naked skin and show her Thai pussy and fucks in front of the camera. She could actually be unmotivated about it and just let time goes by and just get the job done. But since she takes pride in her work, you can be sure she gonna deliver a very good quality Thai porn scene. I just knew when I saw this picture of her tilting her head.


Funkiest Thai pussy I’ve seen

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

The title might imply that there’s some defect with the pussy. Actually there’s nothing wrong with her pussy. In fact this Thai pussy is tight and very much fuckable. This Thai pussy belongs to Thai teen Meow. I have no idea why she made that funky tattoo around her pussy area. I asked Meow what does it represent and she told me she got it when she got dumped by her Thai boyfriend. She felt really sad and wanted to retire her pussy for good. So she make a coffin for her pussy to symbolize that her pussy is dead. Now her pussy is more alive than ever and taking in all the big Caucasian cock while earning money.


Thai milf Ja a veteran Pattaya hooker

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thai-milfI Love Thai Pussy Review

Ja is a veteran Pattaya hooker. This Thai milf has really a good heart. While I was hanging out in her bar, most of the younger Thai bargirls would swamped at me and hoping for me to barfine them. Ja was at the scene first but I could see her giving chance to the younger girls to have a shot with me. She even recommended me a few young Thai bargirls and told me that their service is good. I was a bit in a charitable mood that day and I surprised Ja by giving her a barfine. Every other girls were surprised that I took and older bargirl.  Is not that expensive to be charitable in Thailand and it was not a mistake by having this Thai milf for dinner that night. She certainly gave me her full attention and I was super satisfied.


Fucking a real Thai prostitute

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Asian Apple Seed Review

I’m sure by now if you are a regular visitor to Thai Porn Hunters you would agree that Asian Apple Seed makes the most hardcore Thai porn videos. Some how this guys really knows how to pick a really accommodating real Thai prostitutes to turn them into temporary pornstars. The guys are good at convincing the girls to do some really kinky sex acts. It was not really hard according to them as most Thai girls are submissive by nature. They love men to take charge of them. To some who are not familiar with this kind of semi BDSM porn, it might be a bit offensive for you. But it is all for good fun and is done in the name of good quality Thai porn. Most of the prostitutes admits that after featured in Asian Apple Seed, business is better for them as some members will go to Thailand for holiday and look for this temporary pornstars.


Thai bargirl Nong is a good cock sucker

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thai-cock-suckerAsian Live Sex

Thailand will be never short of girls to fuck. Had another good session with a real Pattaya hooker name Nong. Nong has kinda like a semi buck tooth and I love it. While talking with her in the bar that she is working in, I can’t help but to imagine to see her blowjob skills. Thai girls are really passionate when it comes to sucking your cock. They will start by licking and teasing the tip of your cock with their wiggling tongue. Then they will proceed to suck it like it’s her favorite flavored Popsicle. The flavor for today is cock flavor and since she did a good job, I will reward her by pounding her sweet Thai pussy.


Chocolate skin Thai beauty

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

I love Thai girls with chocolate or dark skin. Most Thai girls told me that dark skin girls are naturally more horny than their fairer skin counterparts. I’m not sure that this is medically true but this dark skin beauty by the name of Lena kinda made me believe the myth. I’ve heard before people saying that chocolate is aphrodisiac. So maybe dark skin girls are like that too? Just look at the way Lena is posing for the camera before she gives me one of the best fuck I’ve had in recent years. Her clothes were sexy and short as well too when I saw her in the club. The way she flirted with me made her so desirable for me and I do not have to think twice but to barfine her.


Thai hooker with really tiny pussy

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

Pie is a petite Thai prostitute with the tiniest tight pussy. I love rubbing the pussy clit and make it swollen a little bit before putting my cock into her sweet Thai pussy. I asked her to spread her pussy and asshole for me to see as I wanted to gauge whether my medium size cock can fit into it. I just love to imagine that I have a super big size cock. Come to think of it, my cock is pretty big and long. Fucking this really tight Thai pussy is one of the best thing to do in life. If you think visiting the Pyramid in Egypt is the ultimate thing to do in life, then I wish you all the best and enjoy yourself. I’ll stay in Thailand and to me it’s almost like halfway to heaven already.


Sloppy blowjob by hot Thai babe

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Asian Live Sex

This is one of the hottest Thai gogo girls that I’ve ever fucked. She looks exceptionally stunning when she is wearing her glasses. She doesn’t even looks like a regular Thai whore but instead she looks like some corporate chick. When she is blowing me I almost came by just looking at her pretty face and imagining myself being sucked by a high flying executive. My cock got so hard and I just can’t wait any longer, so I proceed to pound her juicy Thai pussy really good.


Certified Thai hooker fucking champ

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

If only they give awards to senior citizen who fucks a lot of Thai hooker, I’m sure my buddy Klaus will be one of the top contenders. It does not really matter whether he fucked the prettiest or hottest Thai hookers, but when it comes to quantity, I am sure he is pretty much above many people. This is latest conquest and this Thai hooker goes by the name of Gy. Judging from the picture, I bet Gy is way hotter than many girls in the West. So for an old man like Klaus getting a Thai girl like this, I’m sure he is feeling very happy with life. Find out how to live the life of Klaus the certified Thai hooker expert.


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