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Chinese Thai slut Kei

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We found this Chinese Thai slut working part time as a GRO in a karaoke near Ratchada. She is doing the work part time as her boutique business is not doing so well. She was introduced to work in the karaoke for some quick money to help her pay her bills. I gave her a proposal where she can earn some money if she let me shoot some of her nude pictures. Initially she did not like the idea and I just stop persuading her. We continue to drink and play some games and she felt comfortable with me. Then she finally asked me how much would I pay her. We discussed about the price and she finally agreed. The next afternoon I start shooting her and she actually enjoyed it. Posing naked for the first time in front of the camera turned her on and after the photo shoot, we had sex. Her Thai pussy was really warm and wet and I liked it so much. It was a really great afternoon in Bangkok.

Sexy Thai girl with big boobs

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This Thai girl has a very seductive pair of eyes. She looks like a sultry Siamese cat to me. Her boobs are natural and is kind of a nice size for an Asian girl. If ever I go to Bangkok, I hope to find a Thai hooker that looks like her and I will fuck her brains out. I will suck on those titties all day long and would eat her pussy like how I enjoy Tom Yum. Come to think of it is almost the same taste as Tom Yum is kinda sourish and salty. I can almost imagine the way she sucks my dick and looked at me with her seductive eyes.

Fucking a Bangkok hooker

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I was always skeptical about stories of Bangkok where you can get to fuck a girl for really cheap price. Sometimes is as cheap as a regular meal in a restaurant. Finally with some friends persuading  me to join along a trip to Thailand, I decided to give it a go. I am very glad that I made the trip because the food is marvelous and the culture difference was fanstastic. I’m not going to talk more about the food or the culture as this is not a food blog but is a site me paying tribute to all the beautiful Thai girls that have given joy to many men around the world over the years. This tiny Thai girls are really good at pleasing men. Getting blow jobs from them is really fantastic and man, they ride you like crazy. I think this is due to the fact that horses are not common in Asia and they make it up by riding men’s cocks. After my trip to Thailand, I am now a big fan of Thai girls ever since.

Blonde Thai hooker sucking cock

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More pictures from Klauss and this time around, he is pounding a Thai hooker has blonde hair. Of course is not real blonde hair as the pussy hair is still black. This tattooed Thai hooker definitely knows how to make a customer satisfy and keep coming back for more. One thing good about the hookers in Thailand is that they take their profession pretty serious. They do not just take your money and let you just blow your load. There will always be foreplay and she will try her best to make you cum and enjoy it. She will ride you, blow you and do what ever you fancy in order to see you come back for more. I think this is a really good practice as it is a win win situation for both parties.

Real Thai hookers and prostitutes

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If you find yourself enjoying the reality tv shows, you will probably like this site. I LOVE THAI PUSSY is way better than reality tv if you are into Thai porn. The site features the sex tour of a horny tourist by the name of Klauss. He is a self proclaimed Thai prostitute guru. Judging from his pictures, videos and forum post on where to go, I’m very sure he is the man when it comes to sex tour in Thailand. I think the content is a treat for those who love “WYSIWYG” ( what you see is what you get ) type of content. No make up artist or a big crew, just Klauss and his camera and video cam to make the content as real as it gets. Check out this picture set by Klauss of a prostitute who is pleasuring herself with a big blue dildo.

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