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Milfy looking Thai chix in army uniform

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thai-sex-tourI Love Thai Pussy Review

Paradise is really within reach if you visit Pattaya in Thailand. Most people have different interpretation of paradise but to me, a place with a lot of pretty girls which you are able to fuck sounds like paradise to me. Bars are a plenty and this makes the competition among the bars really fierce. It forces all the bars to be creative when it comes to providing good experience for potential customers. I went in to this bar because I love the costume of the girls dancing on stage. It is army theme and some how looked really sexy and appealing to me. This Milfy Thai bargirl caught my attention with her looks. She looks friendly enough and after so many years of whoring, I can almost tell who will allow me to film them while we fuck. I guess I am right as you are seeing the content of this Thai girl getting fuck by me.


Klaus has the best Thai sex tour site

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

Klaus has the best Thai sex tour around. The content is raw and unscripted. You can find almost any types of girls on Klaus I Love Thai Pussy site and that makes it really real. Mostly are hot but there are some nasty ones as well. I guess everybody has their own preferences when it comes to the looks department. So if you want something like a reality tv show that features fucking prostitutes in Thailand, I Love Thai Pussy is a great choice for you. The girl feature in this gallery is pretty hot I would say. Good find Mr Klaus.


Great Thai sex with hooker Mai

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

Mai has the kind of looks that is preferred by many Westerners. This Thai girl has the exotic look with a touch of sluttiness in her. Most foreigners from the West loves Thai girls with dark colored skin. And those long black hair matched with big brown eyes can just melt most of us. I really had a great time fucking Mai and she is really into it. Is just amazing how these girls can fuck day in and day out and still has the passion and energy for it. I’m pretty sure 70% of the motivation is money but I don’t really give a damn as I enjoyed the love making tremendously too.


Thai bargirl Nam with really big boobs

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

Scored a really busty Thai bargirl yesterday. Is quite hard to get Thai girls with really big boobs but yesterday was my lucky day. I wonder what Nam eats to make her boobs really that huge. Clearly she is a favorite amongst all the Thai whore mongers because of her assets. Nam is really friendly and wouldn’t mind me taking her naked pictures while fucking her. Putting my cock in between her humongous boobs was really fun. For $40 I would say is a steal to have a great time with Nam. Oh and she gives really good blow jobs too.




Skinny Thai hooker number nineteen

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I Love Thai Pussy Review

If you ask most of the Westerners or commonly known as “farangs” among Thai people, what is the name of the Thai hooker that they fucked last night most will not remember for sure. Is not that we Westerners are dumb but Thai names are really so alien to most of the first time visitors. That’s the reason most of the Thai hookers or bargirls are assigned with numbers. It might look like buying cows in cattle ranch but the numbers are meant for Westerners to remember the Thai hookers that they fancy easily. So as for yesterday, I fucked Thai hooker number 19.


Chubby Asian girl gives special massage

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I love everything Asian. Asia has so much to offer if you ask me. The food is incredible, the people are friendly, the climate is nice and most importantly the girls are hot as hell. Asian sex is easily accessible when you are in these parts of the world. Thailand of course is the number one choice for many Westerners looking for affordable sex. Is not really a bad thing when you pay for sex as you are helping the economy. You don’t really need to have the hassle of a girlfriend just to get laid. So with paid sex being available like cigarettes in mini marts, you will never be deprive of good sex. Happy Tugs scenes reminds me of all the massage parlors in Bangkok. Check out the scene if you want to see how the massage parlors operates. One thing for sure it will not burn a hole in your pocket when you pay for a sexy massage in Thailand.


Nice round and juicy Thai ass meat

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thai-assI Love Thai Pussy Review

Nothing can be more pleasurable than having a nice round and juicy Thai ass meat for doggy style fuck. I really love to see how those ass cheeks vibrates as I rammed my cock real hard from the back. I swore I can almost see ripples on her nice bouncy butt meat. Moo is my favorite Thai whore when I am in the mood for some ass fetish.


One of the sluttiest Thai whore I’ve fucked

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This Thai whore Casey has been highlighted in my previous post before. I got many emails requesting for more pictures of this slutty whore. She is a natural born slut and her actions and gesture has the word SLUT written all over her and I can see that she is not ashamed of it. She has chosen the path as being a whore and would like to be the best as she can be. She is not pretentious and not afraid to act like a whore anywhere she goes. I think even she is not working as a whore, with her slutty looks, people will still label her as a dirty whore. So I guess she made the right decision by choosing to be a whore and feeling proud about it.


Doggy style sex with Thai whore Lada

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thai-doggyThai Porn Site Reviews

I am a real sucker when it comes to sexy black lingerie worn by Asian girls. The girls need not to be super hot but when they put on those sexy black garters, stockings, black panties and bra, it will make my cock rock hard solid! Take this Thai whore Lada for example, she has a decent face and when I saw her in normal clothes, my cock was not fully alert. But when she changed into those sexy black lingerie, my cock is screaming to my brain, “stick it in!”. I enjoyed this fuck session a lot and hope you guys will too.


Thai handjob before the fuck job

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thai-sex-tourAsian Sex Cams

This Thai whore looks pretty hot. Can’t really complain when fucking her cost only like $40. Pleasuring customers like me is what they do best. By giving her best in her job, she will stand a chance to get a nice tip, getting regular customers who loves her services to come back for more and lastly also get to enjoy sex herself while getting paid. With a nice customer like me who treats her well, working as a whore doesn’t seem that bad after all. Girls need to have sex anyways. But like all things, there are always good and bad. She will probably encounter some assholes along the way but it is meeting guy like me that will make her job bearable and doesn’t seem so bad.


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