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Everyholes Agogo dirty Thai sex

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thai-sexThai Sex Site Reviews

Everyholes Agogo is slowly becoming a contender as  Thai Hardcore Sex sites. They managed to always get dirtiest and nastiest Thai girls to perform hardcore Thai sex. When I mean dirty and nasty, it means the girls are really good. This is a porn lingo if you are new to porn. Take this Thai bargirl for example, just look at the way she suck on the cock and you can almost imagine that it is your cock that she is sucking. I just love beating to all this dirty Thai sex videos at times. Even though I can get my own Thai pussy, but I do enjoy my sacred time with my ever loyal buddy Lefty.


Thai hooker posing elegantly

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every-holes-agogoAsian Cam Girls

I like to look at this picture of Thai hooker May. Even though she knows she is making porn pictures but she still gives her best when making this Thai porn picture set. It shows professionalism and she deserve to be applauded. My guess is she has accepted the money to bare her naked skin and show her Thai pussy and fucks in front of the camera. She could actually be unmotivated about it and just let time goes by and just get the job done. But since she takes pride in her work, you can be sure she gonna deliver a very good quality Thai porn scene. I just knew when I saw this picture of her tilting her head.


Nice blowjob action from Thai girl

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thai-blowjobThai Paysite Reviews

I know girls love taking pictures but how can you beat this kind of pose. Most girls like to wear nice clothes and then make cute poses and get their pictures taken. Then they will prolly upload it in their Facebook account, Myspace and other tons of social networking site. Wouldn’t it be great if this Thai bargirl by the name of Pinky use this picture of her for her profile picture. I don’t think the idea is ridiculous as sucking cock is something that is totally acceptable. I don’t see we can’t publicly show it to people when we know almost all girls suck cocks most of the time.


Having a Thai threesome sex

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thai-threesome-sexThai Porn Site Review

This two Thai bargirls by the name of Nut and Goy weren’t joking when they told me that they are game for a threesome. It all started when I do not know who to choose to fuck that night. Seeing me being an indecisive idiot, the girls just told me to solve my problem they will fuck me at once. And they also told me that they have been good friends and they have been longing to taste each others juicy Thai pussy. Upon hearing that my cock woke up and made the decision for me. Sometimes is good to think with your small head that does not have a brain but in cases like this, it always makes perfect sense.


Thai bargirl Nong is a good cock sucker

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thai-cock-suckerAsian Live Sex

Thailand will be never short of girls to fuck. Had another good session with a real Pattaya hooker name Nong. Nong has kinda like a semi buck tooth and I love it. While talking with her in the bar that she is working in, I can’t help but to imagine to see her blowjob skills. Thai girls are really passionate when it comes to sucking your cock. They will start by licking and teasing the tip of your cock with their wiggling tongue. Then they will proceed to suck it like it’s her favorite flavored Popsicle. The flavor for today is cock flavor and since she did a good job, I will reward her by pounding her sweet Thai pussy.


Sloppy blowjob by hot Thai babe

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Asian Live Sex

This is one of the hottest Thai gogo girls that I’ve ever fucked. She looks exceptionally stunning when she is wearing her glasses. She doesn’t even looks like a regular Thai whore but instead she looks like some corporate chick. When she is blowing me I almost came by just looking at her pretty face and imagining myself being sucked by a high flying executive. My cock got so hard and I just can’t wait any longer, so I proceed to pound her juicy Thai pussy really good.


Thai mixed that is super gorgeous

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Asian Live Sex

Is not all the time you get to find a mixed Thai girl that is willing to let you fuck and make a porn movie at the same time. Well, if you go around fucking everyday, you are bound to hit the jackpot once in a while. Take a look at Cherry, she got a pretty face and her appetite for sex is simply amazing. Thank God I’m a season fucker or else she will eat my alive. One of the best fuck I had in years for sure.


Now this is what I call a blowjob

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Asian Live Sex

Now this is the reason why I love Thailand so much. You seen anyone sucking your cock this passionate for a very low price? Is not that I’m a cheapskate and I swear I want to give her more than her asking price. But if I do that, then I kinda spoil the market. It will harm the other shoe string budgeted traveler to Thailand wanting to experience what I am always fortunate to have. So to be fair, I would continue to pay the girls according to their asking price for the good of mankind.


Happy Thai cock sucker

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Asian Cam Girls

Meet Pon, a Thai gogo bargirl who loves sucking cock. I really enjoyed taking her pictures as I can see a certain amount of satisfaction in her face when my cock is in her mouth. I am not sure is it because that she is happy being barfined or she naturally just love a juicy big white cock in her mouth. I would like to believe it is my cock that made her happy. I further tested it by ramming my cock into her wet Thai pussy and when she moaned, I confirmed that it wasn’t the barfine that made her happy. It was indeed my cock that gave her that satisfaction look.

Tip : Most Thai whore punters think the same way as I do. Is good for our moral you see.


Tried licking a Thai teen ass hole?

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Live Asian Sex

I love my sex making as dirty and kinky as possible. I admit that I might do things that are deemed crazy for you guys. But hey, look at me, I’m still alive and kicking and fucking fresh Thai pussies each day. It all depends on my mood each day whenever I want to fuck some Thai girls. Some days I have the mood to fuck really gorgeous girls but might not be so good in bed. There are times I want to fuck 2 girls at a time. But today I feel like licking a Thai girl’s asshole. Yep, you heard me right..I love pleasuring the girl and letting her experience something that she might not get all the time. I will do the dirty job but I know I will get something good in return.

Check out the lovely asshole of this gogo bar girl name Gai. Don’t you feel you just want to stick your tongue there and start licking? Give it a try man, to your girlfriend or wife, I promise you if you do that, you’ll get the best fuck of your life.


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