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My New Year 2010 activities

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hardcore-thai-girlsAsian Apple Seed Review

Another New Year has begun and bye bye to 2009. I am not really a big fan of  New Year and always could not understand what is all the hyped about. People waste tons of money on fire crackers and welcome the New Year and make resolutions. I bet 99% of the people can’t even keep the resolutions. On the other hand, the 1% of the people who succeeds are the people who does not wait for New Year to make a change. They will change whenever they think is time to change. Take this dude in the post for example. It is New Year and he is still doing the same thing he does best. Fucking a Thai bargirl and explode thick cum juice on her face like a big firecracker. You don’t get to see sparks but you do get to see something even better, sperms flying all over and lands on the face of this horny Thai girl. So if you have money, you can make your own New Year everyday and fire up your own fire cracker anytime.

How deep is your throat

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thai-blowjobAsian Apple Seed Review

Does the title reminds you of a popular song from the 70’s? Hahaha….well this post is not about the song. I am sure you can figure that out yourself when you look at the picture that comes with this post. Look at how this BG (not the singers but stands for Bar Girl ) gives a really good Thai blowjob. Seems like she can even swallow the damn balls as well. Her throat is also bottomless and I wish my pocket is same as her throat as well. Asian Apple Seed is a hardcore Thai porn site specializing in violating this Asian bar girls. I bet most of the talent are bar girls and maybe some of you who had a vacation here might recognize some girls on this site. Don’t feel bad if one of the girls that you had declared your love for her is one of the talent here. You never lose your girlfriend in Thailand, YOU JUST LOSE YOUR TURN.

More hardcore Thai porn for you

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thai-hardcore-sexAsian Apple Seed Review

More Thai sluts getting treated like sex slaves and force to dressed up like little school girls and chained up in the neck. The producer of this site certainly hit the right note with me as I love seeing girls wearing sexy stockings while getting fucked. The Thai whores are force to gag on cocks and even force to almost puke while taking the cocks really deep into their throats. A lot of rough sex play involving toys and butt plugs. Certainly a big hit with among hardcore sex lovers.

Fucking is best activity in Thailand

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thai-slut-fuckedAsian Apple Seed Review

Another picture courtesy of Asian Apple Seed. Thai teenager Mona getting fucked by a Caucasian guy like there is no tomorrow. Now you know why Thailand is the number one holiday destination. The food is good, many fake goods to buy, nice old architecture and of coz the hookers. They don’t normally show that in the travel documentaries about the activities in Thailand. See more of Mona getting pounded HERE.

Real hardcore sex Thai style

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thai-hardcore-sexAsian Apple Seed Review

Asian Apple Seed is one of the best site with the hardcore category when comes to Thai porn. A lot of chains, stockings, handcuffs, butt plugs and collars are used on the Thai sluts. The girls are forced to drink cum, humiliated by asking to walk on all fours like a bitch and spat at. Not really for those who are into cutesy Thai teen genre but definitely a treat for those who likes sex on a different level. Seen here is Thai slut Mony in her sexy red fish net stockings and wearing a neck collar forced to choke on big Caucasian cock. Before she can recover from almost puking with the big cock forced into her throat, she is fucked violently doggy style by the horny white guy. See more of Mony the Thai sluts HERE.

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