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Raunchy Thai anal fuck scene

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Asian Apple Seed Review

I am not really a big fan of girls with tattoo but this girl that I just fucked happened to love getting big dicks in her tight Thai ass hole. I was also in the mood to put my cock into some really tight hole. So I ignored my preferences of getting girls that has no ink on her body and decided to bar fine this slutty Thai hooker. I asked her to put on some sexy see through black stockings and started pounding her real good. Not only that she can take cock in her tight butt hole like a true champ, she can gives a fucking good blow job too.


My fetish for Thai Uni girls uniform

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Asian Apple Seed Review

I have always have this imagination of fucking those sexy Thai university girls. Their uniform is super sexy and most of the girls made their uniform to be really tight fitting. The combination of the white shirt and tight  short black skirts always gives me a hard on. I decided to get a hooker and asked her to wear something similar to a Thai university girl for role play. I don’t wanna risk fucking a real Thai university girl as they might be underage too. At the end of the day, a Thai pussy is a Thai pussy. I don’t have to prove and satisfy my male ego by fucking a Thai university girl. For now I am happy to be bonking a Thai whore that dressed like a university girl.


Thai hooker thirsty for cum

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Asian Apple Seed Review

This short haired Thai hooker really enjoys getting violated and having rough sex. She loves men to take charge and take charge is exactly what I am good at. I give her a great fuck and told her I want to cum inside her warm Thai pussy. She said no as she said she is hungry for some hot cum. I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth she kept insisting. I blew a load in her mouth but she did not swallow it all and she just let the cum dripped out from her mouth and flow onto her chest. You should fucking see the video man…is fucking great!


Another good Thai fuck I had

May 11th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

Asian Apple Seed Review

When you have been fucking for many years, you can kind of smell and scent what girl would be a nice fuck. I’ve gone past the need to fuck the prettiest girl in a bar. All I want is a girl who is responsive and let me do all the hardcore shit I want to do to her. And I expect her to enjoy it as well. So this Thai bargirl that I found is exactly what I needed. She is indeed a good pleaser and I would say this girl can go into my good Thai fuck list.


King of hardcore Thai porn

Mar 24th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

Asian Apple Seed Review

I’m back again with yet another dirty Thai whore. I think I have a new goal now. To be the KING of Hardcore Thai Porn. The more I fuck all these dirty Thai whore, the more I am connecting with my sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I adore and respect all these dirty Thai whores that I have been humiliating and fucked. Is only during our sex play that I love the act of humiliation. It just makes me super horny and my dong becomes as hard as a rock. Check out this dirty Thai whore where I put a chain on her neck and walk her on all fours like a dog to the toilet. I kept asking her to tell me how dirty she is and how she enjoys to be call a slut. Once in the toilet I command her to start sucking my cock. After a good suck, I start to insert my rock hard cock into her pussy. I then asked her to beg me to take out my cock and put into her mouth because she is a dirty Thai whore and wants to taste her own cum juice on my cock. She beg a few times and I finally gave her my cock to suck on. After the toilet we went to fuck in the bed. I fucked her so hard that she got a sore pussy afterward. She thank me for making her pussy sore and giving her pleasure at the same time. Welcome to Thailand my friends.


Number One real Thai hooker

Mar 17th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

Asian Apple Seed Review

Went to the new bar in Bangkok and I was swarmed by Thai bargirls by the dozen. One girl was particularly confident and claimed that she is the real deal. She has a nick name there as the number one Thai hooker. I was pretty impressed with this real Thai whore and have something special in store for her. Brought her back to the hotel and I started to humiliate her. Since she is so proud to be the number one Thai hooker, I took her lipstick and start to paint her chest with the number 1. She was shock with my actions. I did not stop there and continue to paint her nipples with her red lipsticks.

She was still in shocked but I proceed to talk dirty to her and calling her a dirty slut. I get a kick out of humiliating all these Thai hookers after whoring in Thailand for quite sometime now. Normal fucking doesn’t cut it for me. I need something different. I guess you can call it kind of a perversion, but is all in the name of having a good sex play. She began to understand me and get into the groove. As I talk dirty to her, I can see she is getting really horny and wants to prove to me why she is the number one Thai hooker in Thailand. She indeed deserve the title as she began to suck my cock with all her heart. Glad to see someone taking her work with so much pride. I began to fuck her and the way she respond to my pounding is amazing. I have no problem giving her the title “Number One Whore” for that day.


Dirty Thai hooker with pointy nipples

Mar 3rd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

Asian Apple Seed Review

Asian Apple Seed is still keeping the tradition of getting really dirty and nasty Thai hookers. The site always pay attention to the costumes that the girls will wear. One of the signature is the high heels that only dirty Thai hookers will ever wanna wear them. I noticed also they like the models to use leather or pvc belts as well. I personally love the chain that they used it on the girls and really treating them like a worthless piece of meat. All they are good for is just to satisfy the men and obey all the demands put upon them. This post features a Thai hooker that has the word slut written all over her. No extreme make over can disguise this girl into being a normal girl. Two holes are cut on her t shirt to allow the pointy nipples to extrude from the t shirt. See how she is enjoying every cock stroke she is getting and biting her lips in ecstasy.


Cute Thai bargirl loves hardcore sex

Feb 17th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

Asian Apple Seed Review

Asian Apple Seed has yet bring us another cute horny Thai bargirl. This teenie Thai bargirl seems to be enjoying her first Thai hardcore video shoot. She was really enjoying the process and does not look like she is being forced to make the scene. You gotta see the video to understand what I am talking about. I think the crew of Asian Apple Seed really bring the best out of all this Thai bargirls when it comes to having sex.


Sluttiest Thai hooker I’ve seen

Jan 23rd, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | no comment »

thai-hookerAsian Apple Seed Review

Damn this hooker is really slutty. Just look at her face, the word Thai hooker is like plastered on her forehead. No matter what clothes she tries to put on, she will still look like a hooker. She is right now in my book the sluttiest Thai hooker I’ve seen so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai hookers. In fact the sluttier the better. I do not in any way look down upon Thai hookers. In fact I think they should be recognize and celebrated like celebs or politicians. I wonder why people always looked up to dirty politicians and crazy ass celeb but always like to avoid their associations with hookers. Just imagine this, on your lonely days in Bangkok, who is the one who gave you the best time of your life. Yep, it is that Thai hooker that charges you less than $70 and allows you to do almost any damn thing to her. So don’t you think they deserved to be celebrated for the service they give? Like people always say, some people are born and destine to do something they are good at. This girl my man, is definitely born to give pleasure to men. For this, I salute you MISS SLUTTIEST THAI HOOKER!


I’m not done fucking Thai hookers

Jan 9th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »

thai-hookerAsian Apple Seed Review

I love fucking Thai girls literally. Some of my friends judge me by saying I am bad and only think about sex. What’s wrong with me loving sex so much and paying for it. I never judge my friend or call him crazy just because he spends all his money on power tools which he hardly use. He brags about how many power tools he owns that is sitting in his garage. I respect his hobbies and if he wants to become Bob the builder so be it. I hope he wish me well with my hobby and if I want to become Bob the fucker he should respect my wishes too. How can people say I am bad when I am helping the Thai economy. Look it as this way, if I barfine the Thai girl, she will be able to have extra money to go buy some nice blouse. Then the shop can pay the rent because she or he is selling more clothes. The mall in turn get all the rental from all this shops and can expand and give more jobs to people. On the other hand my friend Bob the builder, when he buy all the tools and gadget, he is trying to eliminate the job of the plumber, electrician and gardeners. Wouldn’t you say my hobby is much more noble than his? Oh well, I was exaggerating a bit on my friend eliminating jobs. He normally ends up paying more to the professionals when he fucked up all the repairs himself.

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