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New Thai hardcore porn site Asian Candy Pop

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Asian Candy Pop is the latest Thai hardcore porn site to grace the internet porndom. Featuring mostly bargirls in Pattaya and the videos in the members area comes in few formats. I suggest downloading the HD movies and watch it on your big screen tv. The girls featured on the new site are definitely younger and I must say some of these Thai bargirls really look pretty. The hardcore scenes includes cum swapping, double tagging, anal sex and also some mild BDSM sex. Is definitely a treat for Thai porn lovers.


Having anal sex in Thailand is so freaking easy

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A lot of my friends asked me if is possible to have anal sex with Thai bargirls. The answer is definitely a YES. All you have to do is be a nice guy and don’t act like a douchebag. I always pretend that I am curious with anal sex and ask the girls if they are too while buying them ladies drink in their bar. They would normally say is painful even though they never try it before. Then I would say how do you know is painful if you never tried it before? I would tell them that we see it a lot in porn videos that girls are actually loving it. So something must be right about having sex in the butt. So most of the time being nice, girls would normally obliged me. Moon is one of my favorite girl to have good old Thai anal sex with. After trying it out, she prefers my cock deep in her anus instead of her pussy.


Great Thai anal sex with Asian whore Anna

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There’s always willing Thai hookers who would allow you to have anal sex. Price is the same as those hookers who does not allow sex in the butt. The reason for this is because certain Thai hookers just fancy anal sex. With me being a veteran whorist, fucking a Thai pussy is as common as you eating cereal for breakfast everyday. So getting to stick my cock into those tight Thai butt hole usually really gets me really pumped up. I would always return the favor by pleasing the whore the best that I can. With a beautiful face like this featured Agogo girl name Anna, you bet I used all my energy to give her and myself the best fuck in the world.


Tried licking a Thai teen ass hole?

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Live Asian Sex

I love my sex making as dirty and kinky as possible. I admit that I might do things that are deemed crazy for you guys. But hey, look at me, I’m still alive and kicking and fucking fresh Thai pussies each day. It all depends on my mood each day whenever I want to fuck some Thai girls. Some days I have the mood to fuck really gorgeous girls but might not be so good in bed. There are times I want to fuck 2 girls at a time. But today I feel like licking a Thai girl’s asshole. Yep, you heard me right..I love pleasuring the girl and letting her experience something that she might not get all the time. I will do the dirty job but I know I will get something good in return.

Check out the lovely asshole of this gogo bar girl name Gai. Don’t you feel you just want to stick your tongue there and start licking? Give it a try man, to your girlfriend or wife, I promise you if you do that, you’ll get the best fuck of your life.


Raunchy Thai anal fuck scene

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Asian Apple Seed Review

I am not really a big fan of girls with tattoo but this girl that I just fucked happened to love getting big dicks in her tight Thai ass hole. I was also in the mood to put my cock into some really tight hole. So I ignored my preferences of getting girls that has no ink on her body and decided to bar fine this slutty Thai hooker. I asked her to put on some sexy see through black stockings and started pounding her real good. Not only that she can take cock in her tight butt hole like a true champ, she can gives a fucking good blow job too.


Thai hooker loves anal sex

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Ever wanted to try fucking your girlfriend’s or wife’s asshole but got rejected? I guess many guys love the idea of putting their cock into a very tight hole and find out how it actually feels. Problem is most girls do not seem to enjoy this idea. Do not feel frustrated as there are always a solution for everything. Fly yourself to Thailand and you can get to taste some chocolate starfish in no time. There are so many Thai hookers who are willing to entertain your anal sex fetish for a very cheap price. I am not even using the word REASONABLE, I am using the word CHEAP!. Do not worry about not knowing about how to get around Thailand while hunting for some Thai Anal action coz there are many site will provide good information. One of the best I have encountered is “I Love Thai Pussy”. It has very detailed information about hotels, bars and girls. After reading all the information, it is like you have already been to Thailand. Click on the picture or here to see more Thai Anal action.

Pattaya hooker loves anal sex

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Back again with stories of Klauss the famous whorist in Thailand. This time he is in Pattaya hunting for more Thai pussy. He found a beer garden bar with a few Thai girls serving drinks. Sat down there and a mature Thai lady took his order. This mature Thai lady look very slutty and when she finally serve Klauss, she sat down next to him really close. She then started initiating some small talks that will lead to some green jokes. Few minutes past and she became very comfy and start touching Klauss. Is been a few days that Klauss did not let his load off and he decided not to be choosy about looks and plan to fuck this girl. He has a gut feeling that this chick might be good in bed due to her behaviour and age of course. So Klauss took her back to the hotel and asked her whether she mind taking her naked pictures. She did not even think twice and answered “SURE” in her Thai accent. When she was in shower, she stuck her own finger into her asshole. She told Klauss that she loves getting fuck in the ass because she loves the intensity while having anal sex. Klauss was a little shock even though he has been an experience hooker hunter in Thailand. He was just not expecting this mature Thai hooker would voluntarily seeking for anal sex. Klauss was fucking glad that he was not picky that day. Moral of the story is, sometimes good things can come out from mediorce things. A good example is SHIT, beautiful flowers come out from it. In the case of Klauss, he went to the source where shit comes out!!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SEX ADVENTURES OF KLAUSS.

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