Thai sex with wild teen girls from Bangkok


Poppy is a Thai teen who just adore white cocks. She might not be really fluent in English but some how she just love white men. She told me maybe is because she was exposed to porn featuring white men with big cocks. That image was probably embedded in her brain and she has been craving white cocks ever since. So that made my job easier when I wanted to fuck the hell out of this Little Brown Fucking Machine. She loves taking my cock in her slippery wet Thai pussy and also enjoys sucking my fingers as I pound her. Thai sex never been better with horny Poppy.


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2 Responses to “Thai sex with wild teen girls from Bangkok”

  1. Punter says:

    Went to Thailand its interesting to found that while arrogant white male travallers thought they’re advantage ones in Thailand, you’ll discovered that those Thai hookers who doing business in GoGoBars dealing with Caucasian men are usually the darker skin women from poor North Thai areas.

    Those real hot beautiful Thai hookers prefer to work in Karaoke, sauna and clubs that do not welcome ‘farang'(European men) because they like to deal with local, Japanese Chinese men only.

    God knows why!

  2. Thai Porn Junkie says:

    Your observation is spot on! Most “farang” always have these mentality that ALL Thai people are poor. That’s because their Thai experience revolves around the Gogo scene only. The upscale places that caters to the locals have the most beautiful girls and most farang can’t even afford to go there.

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