Still the best Thai hardcore

Asian Apple Seed Review

It is picture like this that makes me go crazy about Thai porn. Just look at the expression of this Thai girl getting fucked from behind. With the hand cuffs on her hands, it looked really kinky. Asian Apple Seed do produced the most Thai hardcore porn in the Internet. I never get tired of seeing new Thai girls recruited to fuck in front of camera. Just the idea of the Thai girls agreeing to fuck in front of the camera makes my cock tingle a little bit. Is not a common thing for Thai girls to fuck in front of the camera and dream of becoming a super pornstar one day. Is still a taboo in these parts of the world. This is the reason why I appreciate Thai porn more than any other porn there’s out there.


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  1. Julia says:

    I’m not attracted to Asian women at all, but among the moetiennd Filipinas are the best choice. I really see no beauty in Japanese, Korean and Chinese women, but that’s just me.I think Chinese girls are better looking than Japanese girl though.

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