Cute Thai teen with good sense of humor

thai-teenBest Thai Porn

Getting into the pants of a regular Thai teen is not that difficult actually. First of all, you need to take away the mentality that all Thai girls are prostitutes. This mistakes are normally made by arrogant dumb fuck foreigners. The attitude of YOU are way better than these Thai girls will not get you anywhere. Lets face it, you are here in Thailand cause you are not cool enough to get regular pussies. So shed the attitude and treat how you like to be treated. I like to go on a date with all these girls and bring them to the beach or something. Take this Thai teen Miy for example. I took her to the beach and had a good time with her. After that she knows you respect her, she will gladly give her forbidden flower to you.

Is way nicer to fuck with GFE feel compared to just go pay a hooker, take pants down, put cock in pussy, move back and forth, and cum in few minutes. If you are into that, why don’t you just hold on to your 1000 bath and jerk yourself. After you cum, at least the money is still in your hands.


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