Thai bargirl is easy to please

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I’ve heard countless stories of white man getting ripped off by Thai girls. I am not sure why this is happening to you guys but as for me, I find the Thai bargirls really loyal. All you need to do is feed them their sexual needs and a little bit of food. Thai girls don’t eat as much as most of the American women who are obese. Just look at most of the Thai girls, they are small in size as they eat very little and healthier food. Just look at this Thai bar girl who will never con me of a single cent. She will get the risk of not having the opportunity to suck on my juicy cock. So maybe for those of you who does not have a big cock for the Thai girls to suck on, I humbly suggest that you go down and lick their pussy real good. I’m sure once they tasted your magical tongue, they will follow all your orders.


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