Chubby Thai girl Bam

I am sure some of you fantasize about fucking a big beautiful Asian woman. Nothing to be ashamed of as I am sure many would agree, fatty or chubby chicks have really nice personality. They are to be around with and I always find chubby chicks have nice features. These are the girls with bubbly characters and I always imagine that they sometimes want to feel sexy and loved too. We always make jokes about fat chicks that whenever you fuck them, sloshing sound will come out from their pussy. This is due to the fact that fat chicks have more water inside their body and they get really wet when being fucked. Another joke is that most of them are being deprived from sex because of the physical outlook and they get HUNGRY easily. I am guilty off being one of those jerks who participate in making fun of the fat chicks like this chubby Thai model by the name of Bam, but to be honest, I secretly want to experience the sloshing sound myself.


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