Thai teen Lan is a free lancer

If you guys ever wanna go to Bangkok for a bonking trip, do remember to check out this disco by the name of Scratch Dog. It is an after hour disco that closes at 4am daily. It is situated at Windsor Hotel basement. I know most people prefer Spicey Disco but for me I like Scratch Dog more. Not all the girls are free lancers but if you hang out a lot in Bangkok, you can separate between the non working girls and the freelancers. So I was there and met this Thai teen who is making eye contact with me. As I sipped my Coke, I return eye contacts with her. She walk over to me and said hello. I was sober that day so I was kinda polite and talked more before settling for a price. Took this Thai teen back to my hotel and suggested to her that I want to filmed her and give her a creampie as well. This Thai teen freelancer by the name of Lan was 100% game. So good to be fucking a teen girl where all their parts are still brand new. The ass is tight and the boobs are still having those good bouncy feeling. As usual, operation CREAMPIE THAI is always a success.


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