Petite Thai teen name Eaw


I gotta tell you man, Thailand is definitely one of the best country in the world. At least to someone like me, who is a food enthusiast and also a ladies man. You don’t need to be a rich bloke like Bill Gates in order to enjoy fine cuisine and get the company of pretty girls if you are in Thailand. Thai food is so damn delicious and sometimes it is a sin to pay the dirt cheap price to the vendors. It can also be applied to the girls that you are paying for their company. I feel guilty paying for the asking price but who am I to protest when I am not that well off myself. Take a look at this petite Thai teenager name Eaw. She is so beautiful and available to be your girlfriend for the day at such a minimal fee that I am even embarrassed to mention. All I can say is most of us guys can afford to have Eaw for the day and her showing us to some really nice papaya salad joint will not make us broke for sure.


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12 Responses to “Petite Thai teen name Eaw”

  1. fung says:

    Hi,where i can find her?im really wish to find her,she very beautiful

  2. admin says:

    I don’t think is right for me to give out her contacts to someone she has never met…

  3. WunderZkiDD says:

    Im Peter, im resposible for matching soulmate pairs, by 2012 for the entire world

    this girl may be mine or someones wife…

    the DNA swapping of soulmates is very important for all humankind

    Im not pointing fingers but this porn business bullchit, is just stealing ppls wives for cash money, a nd that calls for a retaliation from yes FIRE, id liek to contact this girl immediatly

  4. admin says:

    I have no clue what you are saying….

  5. @T||||Blakbird says:

    hey thats a fine pick, i was wondering how old this muffin is?

  6. @T||||Blakbird says:

    How can i contact this girl for ordering when i go to thailand with a friend or 2?

  7. admin says:

    she is 19 years old

  8. admin says:

    Maybe you should join the site and ask the site owner…but no guarantees if they would share the info of the girl.

  9. @T||||Blakbird says:

    you just said to the first poster, “i dont think i can give out this girls contact info…”

    my kontact is
    or / blak bird zeja

    anyway heres my plan

    ****MASSMESSAGEgoes out to The entire world from Blakbird ZEJA
    leader of Alpha Central Army, please foreward!!!!

    We have a great deal of problems on earth, wars, suffering, pains, un-needed laws, borders ect….

    I have a simple solution to start us off!!! and to end all wars

    My plan is to slowly pair up men and woman as MANDITORY man/wife couples, these matches will consist of men and woman of Opposite race and status, meaning slightly richer ppl, can engage with slightly poorer ppl to solvc the Unequality problem!!!

    ALSO note that once ppl are properly matched and sexed, most or ALL wars will be over, also to fix the over population problem we simply make a new law saying that a household room must carry 2 persons man and wife, and or a baby!!

    This will end most WARS, lonliness wich leads to crime, and pain from not enough ppl having sex and love!

    ***please follow these instructions, to bring down the old laws, borders in the way of couples, and other obstructions. these soulmates are already underway, with the help of psychic influence and remote viewing!!!

    heres are the pairings list:

    north america to mate with SE asian
    INDIA to mate with CHINA
    CAribbean to mate with japan
    EUrope will also mate with asia

    All this is too take place by 2012, so we can have the next 10 years to restore paradise on earth, using element explosives, of gold powder and diamnond dust!!!!


  10. admin says:

    Your contact is on this page now…if she wants to contact you…she will do so….good of you to try to make the world a better place, but I think starting that mission on a porn site is not that advisable I think…good luck anyways….

  11. kent says:

    Where she working?

  12. PPPPattaya, you should go visit..

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