How deep is your throat

thai-blowjobAsian Apple Seed Review

Does the title reminds you of a popular song from the 70’s? Hahaha….well this post is not about the song. I am sure you can figure that out yourself when you look at the picture that comes with this post. Look at how this BG (not the singers but stands for Bar Girl ) gives a really good Thai blowjob. Seems like she can even swallow the damn balls as well. Her throat is also bottomless and I wish my pocket is same as her throat as well. Asian Apple Seed is a hardcore Thai porn site specializing in violating this Asian bar girls. I bet most of the talent are bar girls and maybe some of you who had a vacation here might recognize some girls on this site. Don’t feel bad if one of the girls that you had declared your love for her is one of the talent here. You never lose your girlfriend in Thailand, YOU JUST LOSE YOUR TURN.

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