Thailand ping pong show


Pong is a Thai show girl earning money through doing tricks with her pussy. She can put a ping pong ball in her pussy and then aim at a basket and shoot it right in. She can also use it as a pipe and blow darts to burst balloons. To some of you who not familiar with this kind of scene, you must prolly think it is crazy to put your dick into a pussy like that. I love to take the challenge and see what she can do to my cock and before I can put my cock into her pussy, she started it off by giving me a blow job. Was I in for a surprise that she is also very good with her oral skills. I was worried about her pussy but her sucking was so damn brutal as well. I was afraid that my balls will just stuck in her throat when she was sucking my balls. She is definitely a little brown fucking and sucking machine sent from Sexland.

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