Glamor nude Thai model Sara Tainwisat


For the previous posts, I’ve been posting content of some really hardcore and sleazy Thai porn. I was thinking posting some glamor Thai porn would be a good change. Meet Sara Tainwisat, a model from the site 88 Square who specialize in glamor Thai models. The models I believe is recruited from the high class bath houses around Ratchada area in Bangkok. Once I visited a bath house and the mamasan showed me a Penthouse magazine Thai version. She then point to a girl sitting with  few other girls and told me she is featured in the Penthouse magazine as one of the models. I looked at the magazine and then look at the girl. Indeed it was her and it look kind of similar to the style of 88 Square. So if you really into glamor Thai models, this site is definitely for you. The pictures are all very high quality and the videos of these pretty Thai models shoving dildos in their pussies is really breath taking.

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